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Bangalore Broadside Optional Extras

Days Off Feature

Bird Scarer With Automatic Timers

All new Bangalore Broadside bird scarers come with the "Days Off" feature to make it even easier to comply with the NFU Guidelines. If you've got an older Bangalore Broadside without this feature, we can upgrade it for you.

Batteries, Chargers and Connectors

Batteries, Chargers and Connectors

Internal batteries, battery chargers and spare batteries for the Banaglore Broadside Bird Scarers.

Solar Panels

Solar Powered Bird Scarers

Solar Panel Kit for the Bangalore Broadside Basic Model (B2009-A). Turns your Bangalore Broadside Basic Model (B2009-A) into a Bangalore Broadside Solar Model (B2009-C).

Screamer Kits and Accessories

Screamers for Bird Scarers

Enhance your bird control with Screamer Kits for the Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers.

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