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Pigeon Scarers

Pigeons are now a greater nuisance to agricultural crops than ever before.

The increase in oilseed rape crops, on which pigeons love to feast, has resulted in an explosion in pigeon numbers.

This also means that neighbouring crops, such as brassicas, are becoming a target for the pigeon pests.

Bangalore Broadside Pigeon Scarers


The Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers are ideal pigeon scarers.

Use them in the field to scare pigeons and stop them gorging on your crops. Use them in woodlands to scare pigeons from their favourite roosting places.

The Bangalore Bird Scarers are fully programmable so they only go off when you want them to.

Their firing pattern can be randomised to help stop pigeons becoming so used to the noise and help keep scaring pigeons off your crops.

And their new design means you no longer have to cart those heavy batteries round the field with them - just connect up your gas bottle and off you go.

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