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Bird Scarers From Michael Williams Engineering

The Bangalore Bird Scarers are agricultural gas-gun bird scarers from Michael Williams Engineering Ltd.

We've over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing gas gun bird scarers.

The Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers offer the best bird scarer features, reliability and ease of use.

Order your new Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers online, quickly and easily.

The Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers are manufactured in the UK.

Bird Scarers

Bird Scarers

The Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers are the latest generation of bird scarers from Michael Williams Engineering Ltd, with 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing and supporting bird scarers.



Getting the latest features for your Bangalore Bird Scarer is easy. You can upgrade your existing Bangalore Bird Scarer, making it even easier to comply with the NFU Guidelines.



Spares and replacement parts for your Bangalore Bird Scarer. Remember, we can support our bird scarers from 30 years ago!

Bird Scarers - The Bangalores

The Bangalore-family of bird scarers have been helping to protect agricultural crops from birds for over 34 years.

The latest Bangalore Bird Scarers are even easier to use and maintain.

The Bangalore Bird Scarers are now solar powered which charge their own mini internal batteries.

No more carting heavy batteries around - gas bottle in one hand, bird scarer in the other.

The Bangaore Bird Scarers' solar panel keeps the battery topped up, even in the weakest winter sunshine.

Snow won't stop the Bangalore Bird Scarers either - even when the solar panel is covered in snow, the mini battery will keep your bird scarer running on and on.

And our bird scarers offer you even more peace of mind. Their unique test-fire re-assures you that your bird scarer is set up correctly and is ready to go.

The Bangalore Bird Scarers give you the crop protection you need with the peace of mind you want.

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Bangalore Broadside Mk 2

Since the Bangalore Bird Scarers were first developed in the early 1980s, we've constantly improved and refined the Bangalores to make the best use of new technologies and customer ideas.

The Bangalore Broadside Mk 2 is the latest in a long line of Bangalore Broadsides.

We asked the best experts we knew - our customers - for their feedback. And the response was overwhelming.

We've taken all our customers' ideas on board and have developed - what we feel - might be the world's most advanced electronic bird scarer.

Most reliable ever electronics - no misfires and best ever reliability

Best ever solar panel - now with best ever charging and water-resistance

Set and Forget - set your Bangalore Broadsides Mk 2 up once and then leave it.

Fully automatic, all year round - automatic sunrise and sunset operation all year round ensures it only fires during daylight

Half-Hour Slots - gives you full control to program what you want, when you want.

NFU Guidelines Compliance - fully complies with the NFU Guidelines - if you want it to.

Automatically puts its clock forward and back - fed up with changing the clocks on all your bird scarers twice a year? The Bangalore Broadside Mk2 automatically changes its clock at the start and end of British Summer Time

NFU Bird Scarers Code of Practice

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) has recently revised its code of practice on the use of bird scarers. The Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarers make it easy to fully comply with the NFU's Bird Scarers Code of Practice.

And now with the Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarer's NEW "On-And-Off-Days" feature, it's even easier to comply.

The NFU recommends that gas-powered bird scarers are turned off on Sundays.

Let's ignore the fact that birds don't stop damaging crops on Sundays, but the Bangalore Bird Scarer now makes it easy to do this.

Simply set which day of the week you want the Bangalore Bird Scarer to be silent. It'll automatically stay quiet on those days. And, more importantly, will automatically start firing again the next active day.

You don't have to keep returning to your bird scarer each day to turn it on and off.

Find out more about the NFU Bird Scarers Code of Practice...

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